How can we reserve our date?  
Once you have sent your inquiry via our Contact Form and we have met and discussed your date and events, and you’ve decided to book with us, we will have a contract and invoice for you to review and sign. You will need to reserve your date with a $500 non-refundable retainer fee which we will deduct from your final balance. If needed we can discuss a payment plan with the last payment being one month before your wedding date.


Do you shoot destination weddings or weddings in another province?  
Absolutely! We have shot weddings in Saskatchewan, Jamaica and BC and would love to travel for your special date. Travel fees may apply don’t be shy and send us some details about your destination wedding!    


How many images do you deliver?  
There are many factors that will affect the amount of images delivered. This depends on how many hours you have booked us for, how many locations you would like to include, how much detail you have as far as decor and different events you have during the reception. But usually for an 8hrs wedding it is in between 500-900 digital images.    


We’ve never done any photos together and we are really awkward in front of the camera, will our photos still end up looking awesome like the rest of your portfolio? 
Of course!!! We mainly photograph real couples, not models, so we will make you feel comfortable with each other and in front of the camera. We will prompt you and direct you in order to get candid and relaxed looks, we will make corny jokes to get your ‘real laugh’, and get to know you during our session. At the end of it, you will feel great about your photos and have a different perspective on photo sessions! :)    


What do you shoot with and do you bring your own lighting equipment?  
Cortney has a professional grade Nikon full frame camera! Prime lenses that are top quality from both Nikon & Sigma and Nikon lights when we need to in dark lighting situations. Although we have great equipment, we pride ourselves in the ability to concentrate on each couple and help them get comfortable in order to achieve great results! :)  


Will I get a video of the full ceremony?
No, at this time Light Artist doesn't do stand-alone video, however we've been known to slip a little unedited scene in here or there - However video editors we are not!


Have any other questions?
Please contact us for more info!